Brother NV800E


Hi I'm Helen, a 40 something Mum of two, my gorgeous 9yr old son and my beautiful 6yr old stepdaughter. I work full time and am currently juggling everything life is throwing at us. I wanted a hobby for myself and to be able make and share my creations with the people I care about.

So this week I set up the Brother Innov-is 800E machine ready to use for the first time. Putting it together was easy to do, after removing all of the tape and packaging. 

The first challenge was to line up the embroidery unit and slot it into place. 

The second challenge was to understand what all of the elements were called and make sure the surface and desk were big enough so that the unit did not hit the wall when it moved around.

Then on to threading the machine…..

I have to be honest I was dreading this bit and was worried about doing it wrong but to start with it all went to plan and I followed the instructions seamlessly until winding the bobbin. I didn’t realise the need for exact accuracy when following the instructions and the first time I pressed the button to load the bobbin, it went horribly wrong and the thread wound underneath the bobbin holder and I worried I might’ve broken my new machine.

Steve was available at the end of the phone and assured me that this was an easy mistake to make on first use and if I just pulled off the grey bobbin holder, I could easily retrieve the thread knot I had generated underneath.

The second try worked well and I learnt to be less nervous of doing it wrong.

I then moved on to threading the needle, this was very easy to follow as there are numbers printed on the side of the machine and the needle threader did the hardest bit for me.

Next step is to load the software…

Broth Innov-is 800E Threading