Brother 800E Main Image


Hi I'm Helen, a 40 something Mum of two, my gorgeous 9yr old son and my beautiful 6yr old stepdaughter. I work full time in adult care and am currently juggling everything life is throwing at us. I wanted a hobby for myself and to be able make and share my creations with the people I care about.

I have been deciding whether or not to invest in an embroidery machine for a while and like anyone looking at the range available, I didn't know where to start. I wanted to be able to personalise gifts, clothes for the family and also embellish the kids kit so it can never be mixed up with anyone else's on the dreaded Cub Camps! Also possibly do some crafts for sale if I ever get any spare time.

Steve and the Team at Sewing Machine World are amazing, they walked me through all of the choices and matched my reasons for buying to the best machine, in the end I settled on the Brother Innov-is 800E and PE design 11 software.

When it all arrived, it was in a big box and I then realised I hadn't checked the dimensions, suddenly remembering unlike a sewing machine it isn't square and hastily rethought the location and desk for it to live on.

It was incredibly easy to unpack and slot together and is in fact quite compact once you have ditched all the packaging.

My next challenge is threading it up ready to start stitching....