Use the embellisher felting machine to create your own handicrafts and make your dreams and ideas come true. Even if you are a novice with little experience, you will be able to create decorative accessories for yourself or small gifts for good friends with some colourful fabric remnants and woollen yarns or ribbons with only 12 needles and no sewing thread.



  • 12 Needles
  • Storage for Accessories
  • Free Arm Capability
  • Fixed Presser Foot Type 


What's in the box 

  • Electronic foot control
  • Built-in accessory storage
  • Exclusive Baby Lock Creative Project Book
  • Extra Needles (10), item EMB7N
  • Dust cover
  • 2 Allen screwdrivers
  • Tweezers


Yarn Guide

The baby lock Embellisher is the only felting machine with this feature! The yarn guide feeds all sorts of yarn continuously to the middle of the needle head. The yarn or wool is guided through the machine's yarn port directly to the needles, leaving your hands free to move the fabric in any direction or guide the yarn. The machine processes the yarn that is fed automatically and depending on your movements.


Free Arm

The baby lock Embellisher felting machine has a handy free arm too. Apart from straight and open surfaces, this lets you embellish closed or tubular sewing projects quickly and easily too. Of course, you can modify the machine in no time at all. Simply remove the extension table and there is your handy free arm.


Trim Box

It wouldn't be a baby lock Embellisher felting machine if it didn't have a hidden handy feature. Remove the small extension table from the baby lock EMBELLISHER felting machine to open this hidden flap. It lets you remove any felting residues and clean your baby lock EMBELLISHER felting machine easily. Open the flap and use a vacuum-cleaner or brush to remove the lint from felting.


Yarn and Ribbon Stand 

Do you want to use a yarn or ribbon for embellishing? Your baby lock Embellisher felting machine has a practical stand for this purpose. Simply insert the desired yarn or ribbon, thread it through the ports to get started with even more embellishing fun.


12 Barbed Needles That Can Be Replaced Individually

The baby lock Embellisher felting machine uses 12 barbed felting needles. The individual fabrics, wool threads, yarns, ribbons or similar materials are meshed together using their own fibres. You can move your fabric freely under the needles and create a wide variety of different decorative effects. Customize the number of needles whenever your project calls for more detail. Simply remove the needles you do not need and replace them later. It's really great that you can remove and add the barbed felting needles as required! The baby lock Embellisher felting machine has yet another advantage! The height-adjustable foot has a ribbon guide that holds ribbons up to 10 mm wide under control while sewing.


2 Years Statutory Warranty Plus 2 Years Babylock Extended Warranty - 4 Years Warranty Total 


Price: £449.00