Start your digitizing career with Janome’s Digitizer Jr. Based on the power of its big brother Digitizer MBX V5.5 with its user friendly, easy to use features and functions will have you digitizing and embroidering your design quicker than you think.
Read in existing designs from multiple embroidery formats, resize, change colours and patterns, etc. Use the fantastic Easy Layout feature which enables you to create layouts up to 3m x 3m, but has the enhanced feature of now being able to create circular layouts. Used in conjunction with the Copy and Mirror to Corners plus Copy to Circle functions you will have your layout created in minutes.


User Interface

Your embroidery software has a single workspace or ‘design window’ which you interact sing different tools. This allows you to modify embroidery designs using the built-in toolboxes. The user interface is designed to be user friendly, when you select a function, the tools for that function are readily available to you to utilise.


Toolboxes are like toolbars in that they contain software tools. However, each toolbox represents a typical scenario you will be engaged in, such as customise designs or multi-hooping a large design layout. Some tools may appear in more than one scenario. As such, toolboxes are organised more or less in order of common operations


Customise Designs

  • View design information – Select stitch-out fabric from built-in fabric list – Change background and display colours – Adjust stitch spacing – Able to select thread chart from numerous built-in thread brand colour charts – Change colours within existing embroidery design Insert additional designs to existing design


Lettering and Monogramming

  • Create embroidery lettering using the variety of built-in embroidery fonts and TrueType fonts•
  • Lettering layout baselines – horizontal, vertical, circular, lettering art, limited custom•
  • Reshape lettering – scaling, rotation, mirror, slant•
  • Special lettering – insert characters, add monogram lettering, change lettering stitch types, lettering underlay



  • Vector or bitmap artwork can be inserted, pasted or scanned into your embroidery software for use as digitizing templates or ‘backdrops’. The Artwork toolbox provides for importing electronic artwork into your embroidery software, editing it, and preparing it for automatic digitizing.
  • The software will open artwork types: PNG, BMP, JPG, WMF, EMF, ESP


  • Supports the automatic and semi-automatic digitizing of both bitmap images and vector drawings.
  • The Click-to-Stitch tools provide everything necessary to digitize shapes in bitmap images automatically without using manual digitizing methods.


Able to making general changes to a design, such as changing the colours, change fill type, resizing, rotating.


  • Create design layouts up to 3m x 3m which can be printed out and used for design placement on your fabric
  • Combine a variety of designs and lettering into a large layout. You are able to change colours within a design, rotate designs, add stitchout workarea, duplicate designs, corner layouts


If your embroidery is too large or contains a number of designs spaced around an article, you can use the Multi-Hooping toolbox to split it into multiple hoopings. Each one contains an object or group of objects that can be stitched out in a single hooping. These can be stitched consecutively to form the whole design. They can be sent directly to machine or saved to file.

Stitch Player

The Stitch Player lets you simulate a design stitchout on screen. Use it to view stitching and color sequence in slow motion. Simulation can be started from any stitch. With larger designs, scroll automatically so that the area being stitched remains on screen.

Price: £349.00