As Seen On The Great British Sewing Bee

With the Juki serger MO-104D you have the main adjustments such as the thread tension always under control: the comfortable sliding knobs precisely indicate the tension of the threads and provide an immediate and effective adjustment according to the yarn and to the fabric. This allows you to get perfect stitches regardless of the material, which is very important both for the beginner and for the most experienced sewer.

The Juki MO104D has differential feed and sews easily even knitwear without undulations and curls. If you are interested in having special effects and want to get wrinkles and curls you have just to adjust the differential feed and with a single touch you can realize creative sewing techniques.
You can use ultra-thin yarns without any difficulties and achieve professional finishes even on very delicate materials or incredibly light ones, as chiffon.

And if you want to make rolled hems just move a tab and you're done!

The MO104D has the Lay-in automatic direct threading system that minimizes the time required to replace the thread. The system of lower hook threading is located immediately in the correct position. This device is an extra comfort in the machines in this class and allows you to immediately return to work in very few time.

Standard Specifications -
2 / 3 / 4 Threads
Schmetz Needle 130 / 750H Nm 70, 80, 90
Standard Overlock Width -
Left Needle: 5-7mm
Right Needle: 3-5mm
Rolled Hem: 1.8-2.2mm
Stitch Length - 1-4mm (Standard: 2.5mm)
Differential Feed - 0.7-2.0 Ratio
Presser Foot Lift - 5mm / 7.5mm
Sewing Speed - Maximum 1,500spm

Accessories -
• 4 Spool caps+4 bobbin preserver nets
• tweezers
• cleaning brush
• small screwdriver
• Needle threader
• big screwdriver
• needles pack
• a spare inferior knife
• accessories pouch
• anti-dust bag

Price: £469.00