The Juki overlocker MO-114D is unquestionably a product of excellent quality. The thread tension can be adjusted through a slider that allows you to easily adjust the tension of the thread and also indicates the set voltage. You can quickly change the settings according to the type of work and the fabric, with the guarantee of stitches always accurate and adjusting the thread tension is not a problem for beginners.

The Juki MO114D overlocker has a rapid access to commands for the feed of the fabric and the stitch length, allowing you to change the settings easily. The differential feed of the Juki MO-114D is particularly useful as it avoids unwanted curls of the seam and the formation of ripples in knitwear: setting the differential feed through the handle you can adapt the transport characteristics of the fabric obtaining seams always accurate and smooth, even on very light or delicate materials whose production proves difficult with other machines. In addition, the differential feed allows you to create nice curls, infact the adjustment knob allows you to determine the level of curl desired.

The MO114D has the 'Lay-in' direct threading system that minimizes the time required to replace the thread. The system of threading of the lower hook is immediately in the correct position. This device is an extra comfort in machines in this class and allows you to immediately return to work in no time.

•Upper looper converter
•4 Spool caps+4 bobbin preserver nets
•cleaning brush
•small screwdriver
•Needle threader
•big screwdriver
•needles pack
•a spare inferior knife
•accessories pouch
•anti-dust bag

Price: £579.00